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All About Vending > IceBreak
Machine Features
Drink Choice
  • For a delicious and refreshing ice cold canned drink, this feature packed fully automatic machine offers a wide choice of 5 selections from a huge total capacity of 135 cans.
    Simple Operation
  • Drink selection is simplicity itself by simply pushing the desired product, all of which are displayed in high visibility clear display windows, enabling easy and fast product change and providing maximum brand impact.
  • The chosen can is delivered at waist height, preventing the need to reach down to floor level as with other machines.
    Temperature Control
  • Fully electronic control of the refrigeration system ensures that cans are delivered at the perfect temperature, which is digitally programmable and hence easy to adjust to individual users requirements.
  • Full auto defrost and self-test systems are built in for minimal fuss.
    Coin Control
  • The IceBreak is available for either slave or stand-alone use. Its compact, half-height design perfectly accommodates the userís choice of hot drinks machine on top, which then provides a superb hot and cold total refreshment solution.
  • When used as a slave, the coin mechanism on the host machine is used to operate the IceBreak, thereby eliminating the need for a separate mechanism with the obvious cost savings and cash management advantages.
  • Alternatively, the IceBreak can be fitted with a full electronic coin mechanism of its own for entirely stand alone operation.
    Other Features
  • Digital display with scrolling messages and full audit facility to monitor the quantity and value of cans taken.
  • Interfaces perfectly with a large choice of compatible hot drinks machines.
  • Individual prices can be set for all selections.
  • Electronic temperature control and auto-defrost.
  • Chosen item is delivered at waist height.
  • Incredibly user-friendly, high capacity and feature packed.