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All About Vending > Encore Auto
Machine Features
Drink Choice
  • For a delicious and refreshing hot drink, this compact, yet semi-automatic machine offers a choice of 5 selections and a total capacity of over 195 in-cup drinks.
    Simple Operation
  • Drink selection is simplicity itself with an incredibly user friendly push button system.
  • Indicator lights guide the user through every step of making their chosen drink.
    Sugar & Water
  • Hot water as standard, ambient cold water option available.
  • Water selections can be programmed to provide free on demand, one-touch automatic cup fill or part cup (espresso) variants.
  • Electronically controlled internal sugar dispenser, available for either pre-packed bottle or refillable jar.
    Coin Control
  • Available as a free vend machine or fitted with full electronic coin mechanism which accepts all coins and token.
  • Separately lockable cash box.
  • I-Key cashless payment system compatible.
    Other Features
  • Universal water-tank can be hand filled or connected to a mains water supply.
  • Digital credit display and full audit information stored electronically.
  • Perfectly interfaces with the IceBreak can vendor for a total refreshment solution.
  • Incredibly user friendly, compact and feature packed.